Call for Reviewers FAQ

What is the call for open textbook reviewers?

We are recruiting faculty from Manitoba post-secondary institutions to review openly licensed textbooks that are available in our collection. We are also encouraging voluntary adoptions by making BCcampus’s curated collection available on this website. 


What is the purpose of faculty reviews?

Faculty reviews serve many purposes, including:

  • assessing the quality of open textbooks so other faculty (and the public) can rely on them as educational resources
  • raising faculty awareness of existing open textbooks and their benefits
  • helping faculty find open textbooks through credible repositories
  • creating faculty engagement with open educational resources to consider for adoption
  • getting feedback from faculty on how to expand the role of open educational resources in curriculum development


What are open textbooks and what purpose do they serve? How are they free?

Open textbooks are educational resources that have been released under an open license. You can also find information about open textbooks at the BCcampus website, including common inquiries about open textbook quality, how open textbooks are different from traditional textbooks, and the rationale for creating and sharing educational resources with public funds.


Who can apply to review an open textbook?

All faculty at Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions are welcome to apply to review an open textbook.


How much are faculty paid for reviewing an open textbook?

Faculty whose applications are approved will receive a $250 payment upon submission of the review.


What will happen with the reviews once they are submitted?

Each review will be made public alongside the textbook in the Campus Manitoba and BCcampus collections. They will be published under a CC-BY  license. You can find an example of how published reviews look by going to a faculty-reviewed textbook in the collection. 


How much time will I have to complete the review?

Faculty who are approved to review an open textbook will have 3 months to submit their reviews.


What are the criteria for completing a review?

The criteria for faculty reviews are outlined in the BC Open Textbook Review Criteria document. Participating faculty will be notified by BCcampus about the status of their applications.


I want to review a textbook. What do I do?

First, find a textbook in our collection that is within your subject area. Once you find a suitable text and you understand the review process, complete an application on our website.  You will hear from BCcampus once they have received the application.


Is there a deadline for the applications to review an open textbook?

Currently the review process will be open to applications until we meet our goal of 25 faculty reviews. 


Who creates the open textbooks that are on this website?

Our collection showcases textbooks from the BC Open Textbook Collection. The textbooks are created (or, in some cases, recreated from existing open educational resources) by BC post-secondary faculty, reviewed by BC faculty, and published online under a Creative Commons license. In the upcoming months we will feature reviewed textbooks by Manitoba faculty as well.


Are instructors/professors at Manitoba post-secondary institutions going to be forced to use the open textbooks?

No. Our intent for this initiative is to generate interest in open textbooks and encourage faculty to read and review the texts. We also hope that faculty who participate in the initiative will consider adopting a textbook should it meet their pedagogical needs and standards for quality, but faculty will have final say in what textbook to use in their courses. We understand and respect academic freedom.